Kings started very well with a prolonged period of possession in Swansea's half, but after tough defense from Swansea, kingssettled for a penalty and took the 3 points. After some avoidable penalties, KCL were pinned back in their own half, and with a powerful pack, Swansea managed to get over the try line by mauling from a 5 m lineout. 

KCL had many good opportunities to put pressure on Swansea, but a lack of control of the KCL pack meant KCL lost 5 out of 7lineouts giving Swansea more ball to play with which ended with them scoring 2 more mauls in the first half. 

Some anger from the KCL caused some penalties to be given against them allowing Swansea to once again enter our 22m, which ended with them scoring again before half time. 

The 2nd  was much more controlled from KCL, as there were more line breaks showing better discipline in defence and attack, and one very good scoring opportunity wasn’t taken. KCL showed great spirit as Swansea only managed to score once of a maul in the second half