The Dutch football team of the past have been said to play ‘total football’, the past and present members of KCLRFC played what can only be described as ‘total rugby’ at the Rob Tagg memorial game of 2017. A fierce line-up of first, second and third team players took to the field to face their older, and far less fit counterparts.

A moment of silence marked the start of a game of 4 quarters. The first of those quarters went in favour of the old boys, who ran in 3 early, break out tries. A boozy break ensued with a worrying number of old boys complaining of cramps, aches and niggles, apparently 4 quarters would’ve made it easier to get through 80 minutes… The second quarter was far more even as the club battled back through the twinkle toes of resident IRA member Greg O’Meara, a number 8 turned winger, who went over for a fantastic finish in the corner after some silky hands from the KCL backs spotting space on the wing.

The second half was where the comeback began, with scrum-half turned number 8 Josh jones showing his wheels to score a hat-trick of tries, the pick of which being a pick and go from the back of the scrum from 40 yards. Old boys prop Tom Carvill weathered the storm, barraging his way across the line for a brace, to many jeers about his portly stature as the crowd got increasingly boozy thanks to our friends at Phox & Co. The shit chat from the sidelines grew in volume and got even worse as the game progressed and became more intense. With 5 minutes to go and the score at 44-29 to the old boys, KCLRFC rallied to score two end to end tries from Josh Jones and then Nandos XSpicy Pedro, arguably the pick of the tries to take the score to 44-41. The game then ended amid controversy, the current members calling for a minute more of play, alas it was not meant to be, the referee calling it a day (worth mentioning he was an old boy).

A great game of rugby ended with a fitting victory to the old boys in memory of Rob Tagg and in typical KCLRFC tradition, to the bar, to waterfront, and to walkabout. Once again, a big thanks to Phox & Co. for all the booze at almost reasonable prices, and to the old boys for coming down and sparing us a frightening check of the bank balances on Sunday.

Yours in endless optimism for the rest of the season,